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Toddler Toy Must Haves: Back to the Basics

When you are out on the search for the perfect gift for your toddler you are swamped with a variety of toys ranging in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. And if your house looks like mine it quickly becomes your very own version of a toy store. The horrible part is your child probably plays with half the toys…if you are lucky. So what toys withstand the test of time? I have to tell you with my own little toy tester along with my frequently visiting 2 year old and 3 year old toy testers I can narrow it down to a few basic toys that get played with over and over again.bouncy balls

  1. Bouncy ball – all three of the kids ove this toy. so basic and comes in all shapes and sizes – can be thrown, kicked, bounced, collected – the options are endless!pail
  2. A Pail – from being trashman to serving as a purse…the pail offers a variety of imaginative ideas. it also helps collect all the smaller toys when playtime is over
  3. Matchbox cars – even my 16 month old pushes these carlittle cars around the room and of course the two older boys adore them. can’t get enough of these little cars and if you want to be fancy you can buy the extra ramps and stuff…..we just have the cars though and its working out greatbooks
  4. Books – we read to our daughter every night and have lots of books around the house from my teaching days. Molly loves “reading” to her babies and the boys love being read to.crayons
  5.  Crayons – great for fine motor skills and of course what parent doesn’t adore their child’s little masterpieces

So if you haven’t gotten the hint yet….you don’t need to buy the big fancy toy. Sure some of them are fun and great but they are not necessary. Children love toys that encourage their imagination and you only need the basics for that. So as you do your Xmas shopping this year, think about the basics. Your wallet and your child will love you for it!


Welcome to the world of blogging!

As this is my first blog, I wanted to do a huge hello to the world! I will be writing to you about children…the things I know best! Before my own dear children I taught Kindergarten and laughed the day away with the wonderful antics of my classroom. Now I spend my days with my own daughter taking new adventures and gaining knowledge on this world called parenthood. As we are expecting our 2nd child in April, whom I am guessing is a boy, I’m sure it will be a whole different adventure ahead of me. I can’t wait to share my journey, thoughts, and impressions with you!