My first product review is going to be about one of my favorite baby products! I promise I won’t only review what I like, but I can’t help sharing this amazing product for new parents. I have recommended this to so many new parents and they had no idea it even existed. The product is the Angelcare Monitor. Angelcare Monitor This product saved me from so many sleepless nights and we all know when you are a new mom, the most precious gift of all is a few hours of sleep!

The Angelcare Monitor has the ability to sense the slightest of movements so it can detect whether your child is still breathing or not and also whether or not your child has been removed from his or her crib. Sure no product can fully protect your child from SIDS but this one is sure getting close. The movement sensor is placed underneath your child’s crib mattress and ta da… now know your child is still moving (even the slightest bit).  The monitor has different sensitivity levels to allow you to find one that meets your needs. If your child stops moving an alarm will sound in both the child’s room and over the monitor. This allows your child to hopefully startled into breathing again (if that is the cause for the alarm).

They also now have fancier models that have two parent units, serve as a night light, monitor room temperature, allow only voice activitated reception instead of continous, and has a vibration mode on the parent unit. They didn’t have all these options when my daughter was born but I’m just as happy as can be with the monitor I have and will definately be happily using it with my newest addition in April.

Most parents worry….will we get false alarms? And I can only say I don’t know. The alarm has sounded in our home….was it a false alarm I don’t know? Was my daughter breathing when I got to her room yes but she may not have been when the alarm sounded. And I always tell parents we may have gotten a few alarms but we got lots more nights of sleep thanks to this product! Plus I’m sure most people will agree that a false alarm is better then not knowing that something really is wrong.

Looking for a baby shower gift, having your own new little one….this is a priceless gift that will sure to be a hit with any new parent!


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